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Wheelio is the world's first gamified pop-up builder, used by more than 96,000 store owners.

My responsibilities:

User testing, persona development, wireframing, UI design

Reached goal:

Increased retention rate by +9.66%

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purchase window story

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"...Churn rate dropped significantly."


@karlobradica · Mar 2, 2020

Jaka did our new app dashboard interface for our Wheelio app. We built a totally new version of the app and needed something great for our users to engage with it.

Our biggest issue was our app dashboard and the complexity of it, since we only added new features and it got clustered and too complicated for our users, which resulted in bigger churn rates and more support tickets. After the redesign of the interface, our support team can finally breathe again and the happiness of our customers multiplied overnight. Churn rate dropped significantly.

I would 100% recommend Jaka to anyone serious about their business, he takes your recommendations and wishes to the next level, adding his personal touch and improving any experience to the next level. I worked closely with him on almost every wireframe and he always improved upon my ideas, which makes him a fantastic guy to work with.

Karlo Bradica

Founder of Wheelio, 7-figure company